Case Study

Food From The Heart Web App

Food From The Heart is a charity that distributes free food to the needy. Their vision was to increase volunteer engagement through automation and better user onboarding.

  • Front-end
  • Interactive
  • Back-end
  • Dev-Ops
Food From The Heart screens


  • stairsUser onboarding: over 4,400 users have successfully signed up as volunteers in the past two years. The trend continues to increase.
  • automationProcess automation saves hundreds of man-hours per year by enabling volunteers to manage their involvement through the Volunteer Portal.
  • secureSolid & secure: with Test-Driven Development, HTTPS, 24/7 server monitoring and hourly backups, it's built to last.
  • engagementEngagement: 112% increase in actively engaged users compared to the previous website.
  • donationsDonations: 288% year-on-year increase in total donation value through the website.
  • onboardingVolunteer onboarding: 60% year-on-year increase in Volunteer Portal event sign-ups.
The new Food From The Heart website has delivered on many levels, in terms of design, usability and on our long-term goals. It represents our core message perfectly; it helps individual and corporate volunteers navigate our volunteering opportunities and facilitates fuss-free registrations. We love it, and many volunteers have told us they do too. Not only have we seen increased online donations, we’re also seeing interest grow from the kind of users we previously weren't so effective at attracting.
Anson Quek
Executive Director
Great job overall. You have given our website a major facelift. Furthermore, there are now functions in place to help us increase our engagement with our volunteers and the general public.
Carol Wee
Senior Executive (Special Projects)
We are really happy with the new website. Definitely a breath of fresh air. It's fully functional and interactive, making it a seamless platform for our potential volunteers/donors to know more about the organisation in an engaging manner.
Wang Xiaojia
Marketing Executive

Services provided

Information ArchitectureInteraction DesignVisual DesignUser OnboardingFull-Stack Software DevelopmentE-commerce DevelopmentCross-Browser TestingAnalyticsDeploymentDev-ops

Tools used

RubyRuby on RailsTest-Driven Development using RSpecBootstrapSidekiqUbuntu on DigitalOceanPostgreSQLSSLjQueryAWS