Case Study

Inflect API

Inflect is a startup disrupting the internet infrastructure marketplace. Zek Interactive helped the Inflect team develop a backend and API that enabled them to launch their Minimum Viable Product on schedule.

  • Front-end
  • Interactive
  • Back-end
  • Dev-Ops


By the end of the engagement, the team had a product ready to present to investors and potential partners. The back-end was accompanied by a comprehensive test suite, and together we had put in place a continuous integration workflow to ensure long-term high code quality. Because we had documented the Dev-Ops processes in detail, it was a breeze for the team to migrate their infrastructure to Amazon Web Services. The team was delighted with the results we had achieved.

overallOverall 9.4/10
strategyDelivery 9.7/10
responsivenessResponsiveness 9/10
recommendWould recommend 9.7/10
Zek is a smart guy with a diligent work ethic. He has creative solutions to problems and is very easy to work with. I recommend him for any project that needs talent.
Eric Silverman
VP Engineering
Zek was a pleasure to work with. His expertise is such that he is able to understand your requests on the first explanation. He is able to deliver his work in a timely fashion, always within his initial estimation, which is something I haven't seen with other remote contractors.
Jason Barry
Front-end Engineer
Zek's work with Inflect was focused and thorough. He was unafraid to ask questions and to make sure his solutions were helping deliver a great product.
Matthew Natali
Senior Software Developer

Services provided

System ArchitectureAPI DesignSoftware DevelopmentAnalyticsDeploymentDev-opsServer Monitoring

Tools used

RubyRuby on RailsTest-Driven DevelopmentElasticsearchSidekiqAWSUbuntuJSON Web TokensPostgreSQLSSLJenkins